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This is what happens when you make the wrong choice. When I got my drivers license I thought that nothing could stop me no matter what I did. I got into drinking thinking that it was cool .  It was, for about 2 years.  I was doing great.  I was given a tool and die apprentship, company paying for the cost of training while I worked there. I was making more money than I knew what to do with it. My parents showed me every accident in the paper trying to show me what could happen , but being a smart ass know-it-all at that age I said it will never happen to me.  I was very lucky driving for two years without an accident. But because of drinking I lost sight of my future and my job. Four days after starting a new job I went out drinking again this time it caught up with me. Coming home, less than a mile from my house, I totaled my sports car. I was not wearing a seat belt, and because of this I put a hole in my skull the size of a 50 cent piece.  I was flown by helicopter to shock trauma where I spent 38 days. My parents didn't  know if I would live or die. Then it was on to Montebello rehab, where I had to completely learn how to live again from almost a babies point of view.  That took 6 months before I could walk again.  When I started driving again I continued drinking but this time not beer, now it was the hard stuff. I did this for another 4-5 years then my son was born, God finally made me realize that I had more important things to do with my money than to throw it away.   Since 1984 I have stopped drinking. My life has been a living hell almost since the accident  .Try getting a job when you are handicapped, I could never imagine the trouble that I would have.   What I am trying to do now is talk to kids and show them what will happen if they make the wrong choice as I did.

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